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About Malini Venkatram, M.D.

Dr. Malini Venkatram envisions “Prime Rheumatology Centre” as the place where patients with rheumatologic diseases can seek a balance of high quality, state of the art rheumatology care combined with a compassionate and comprehensive “Art of medicine”. This unique combination allows her to customize the latest scientific advances in rheumatology to the patient‘s personal situation.

Rheumatology Journey and Experience

Dr. Venkatram’s extensive experience with 2 board certifications in Internal medicine besides board certification in Rheumatology confers her the ability to analyze complex rheumatologic conditions involving multiple organ systems with ease, collaborating with respective specialist colleagues as necessary. Her Rheumatology experience from premier institutes such as the University of Michigan (Michigan Medicine) where she trained under national leaders in the field conferred her a high standard approach to simple and complex rheumatic diseases. Her experience of five years as a consultant and rheumatology mentor in Wayne State University with strong clinical, research and mentoring backgrounds gave her the ability to customize the any scientific  treatment to the individual patient.


During her fellowship in University of Michigan, Dr. Venkatram trained under mentors who were nationally acclaimed for lupus, scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), fibromyalgia and other diseases and held high posts in national rheumatology organizations. She worked closely with a large lupus cohort, nationally renowned scleroderma program and other renowned programs. She gained expertise in managing routine rheumatologic conditions like RA, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, gout, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, Inflammatory bowel disease arthritis (IBD) etc. She also got proficient in managing highly complicated systemic immune mediated diseases such as complex lupus, scleroderma, Sjogrens, myositis, vasculitis, sarcoidosis, relapsing polychondritis, immune mediated eye, neurological, skin, blood disorders and many other rare conditions. Her research experience in neurological involvement in the largest lupus cohort of Michigan State allows her to better analyze the complex manifestations in immune mediated diseases.


Dr. Venkatram then served in the Rheumatology division, Wayne state University as a faculty and Asst. Professor from 2011 for five years. She cared for many routine and complicated rheumatologic patients with a lot of personal care. She  personally collaborated with many leading specialists from other specialties while caring for patients with compex multi- system diseases. She was the associate program director for the Rheumatology Fellowship program which collaborated between 3 major health systems of Michigan- Wayne state University, VA health system, Detroit and Henry Ford health system. She mentored many medical students, residents and fellows in clinical rheumatology. She also mentored many research projects and was actively involved in teaching and formal lectures.  She was passionately involved in the training the rheumatology fellows in complex autoimmune diseases in both inpatient and outpatient settings.  She collaborated with many other department leaders in both patient care and research projects. She mentored many scientific presentations/ papers/ research projects that were presented in scientific meetings. She worked on setting up a “vasculitis program” for Wayne State University and started a vasculitis registry with IRB approval.

Medical Education

Dr. Venkatram was recognized for excellence in academic journey all through her Career.  She Graduated from University of Mysore, India  and was recognized with a total of  9 awards/gold medals for her outstanding performance all through her medical school journey.  She was the recipient of the “Best outgoing student award and gold medal” for the cumulative performance of all the years of medical school.  She was recognized as the valedictorian for the medical school/ University in 2nd and 3rd years and Salutatorian in the final year.


Dr. Venkatram was selected through a highly competitive national level selection process for  Internal medicine residency from the University of Bhopal, India. She underwent robust training in Internal medicine and all the major subspecialties for 3 years and was board certified in Internal Medicine. Besides, she gained research and teaching experience. Her cutting edge research work in diagnostic cardiology was recognized in national meetings. She relocated to the United States right after with high academic merits in the selection process.


She completed her residency in Internal Medicine from Wayne University and was board certified in American Board of Internal Medicine.

After Internal Medicine residency, she completed her fellowship in rheumatology from University of Michigan (Michigan Medicine) and was Board certified in Rheumatology.

Role of Lifestyle Medicine

Dr. Venkatram is a member of American College of Rheumatology and American College of Lifestyle medicine. American College of Lifestyle medicine is geared towards healing the chronic illnesses that predominate the US society by lifestyle changes. Dr. Venkatram is on her way for a board certification in “Lifestyle medicine” very soon which will be her fourth medical specialty board certification.

Values and Ethics

In addition to a strong clinical and academic background, Dr. Venkatram`s personal values and ethical beliefs, open mind for a holistic approach and experience with lifestyle medicine adds to the patients’ positive experiences and wellbeing beyond what conventional science would offer.  She perceives medicine as her passion and lifestyle than a livelihood. The gratification from the role of being an instrument in healing and helping the lives of her patients appeals to Dr. Venkatram as a divine mission of her life.


In personal life, Dr. Venkatram is married with 2 children. She is an avid reader and a strong believer in ethical values. She regularly updates herself with other natural modalities of healing. She believes from her experience and research that a healthy mind and lifestyle supplements the scientific medical treatment in the healing of chronic diseases. She is a passionate cook in International cuisines and musician.

Starting Prime Rheumatology Center

Prime Rheumatology Center, PLLC was started by Dr. Venkatram in 2016 with a mission to deliver high quality University standard Rheumatology care for community patients with a warm personal touch. It is geared towards Dr. Venkatram’s belief in comprehensive and compassionate care using not only evidence-based science but also the “art of medicine” which customizes the care to the patient ‘s personal situation. She is affiliated with Henry Ford, Beaumont, Promedica and Trinity Health systems but not limited to those.

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